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mY BlOg

hi... lama tak ketemu...perkembangan?me macam ni la,sama macam dulu...masih single.Mengharap perkara yang tak pasti.Hanya tuhan je yang tau isi hati me ni..ntah la.Dua K masih belum lagi jadi kenyataan.Hari tu dah dapat sampai temuduga.Tapi tu la gagal.Mungkin bukan rezki.Fikir sepositif yang mungkin. Jujurnya frust juga tapi mungkin sepadan la dengan usaha. Mungkin juga usaha tak setahap maksimum.Mungkin juga sebab masa exm,berbincang jawapan.Mungkin tak de keberkatan kat situ...ehmm banyaknyer mungkin...Sentiasa berdoa semoga satu hari dapat juga bekerja disektor awam...K yang satu lagi ni,susah nak cakap.Hati ni dah tak macam dulu.Terasa juga bila tengok kawan-kawan yang lagi muda dari me dah kawen.Jujur ke dia dalam hubungan ni..?Masih ada ke hubungan ni?Dah banyak kali mintak putus, tapi dia tetap tak nak.Sampai bila hubungan ni?Orang kata kalau orang tu betul-betul jujur nak kat kita, mesti dah jumpa family melamar.Tapi dia? Ntah la sedih bila kenangkan...Untuk 2 K ni, memang... (more)

Dark of the Moon
oui, je peux
I've been throwing myself back into French and have a four-day streak on Duolingo. I've kind of realized that I hate French as a language, its grammar and syntax, but oh well. I do want to improve. It would also open up some opportunities job-wise. M asked if I wanted to go with her to some facacta cupcake place. This was the perfect time for me to exact some revenge, passive-aggressive style. See, I don't particularly want to give up an entire day to travel to other side of the city to buy an overpriced, and probably overrated, cupcake. Would I normally have said yes? Oui! Ever the people pleaser, I most likely would have agreed, but, still pissed off about Mexico, I wrote back something along the lines of "Probably not soon, but maybe later." Translation: When hell freezes over. Of course I haven't heard from her since. Good riddance. I'm tired of bending over backwards for people to accommodate them, only to not receive even a pittance back. I realize that to anyone reading... (more)

Universal development
of wireless Bluetooth headphone

Currently Bluetooth technology in our daily lives is the most widely used in support Bluetooth phone call devices, such as mobile phones Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth car speakerphone, Bluetooth technology specifications unified global, mobile phones, Bluetooth sound bar, wireless Bluetooth headphone, laptops, automotive, medical equipment, computer peripherals and other devices, as long as a Bluetooth adapter, you can easily connect a Bluetooth device for data transmission or voice communications, widespread popularity, good compatibility. Bluetooth technology is a real-time technology, it does not require fixed infrastructure, and easy installation and setup, no cables to connect, easy to use, simply complete the pairing can be put into use, lower operating threshold. Bluetooth wireless life efficiency and health are plus points. Wireless Bluetooth headphone for use with mobile phones can let these troubles the wind, to make driving safer. By equipped with Bluetooth function of... (more)

break through time and space!

BREAK! BREAK THROUGH TIME AND SPACE! Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra Break, break through the barrier Betwixt time and timelessness! Descend upon Terra’s mortal face! Nestle in the minds of knowers Who’ll catch you a-glide! As to your catchers who know not One another, perfect strangers Illuminate them with your radiance! A holy fire you are and ever To all men you’re passed a-glow. That you land on different mortal Baskets at one time and only one Is cause enough for bafflement For both simpleton and erudite. But your stately arrival exudes greater kingliness Then the wondrous enigma you’ve aroused Risen have you from beneath time’s antechambers To exterminate the nebulae of ignorance. [Writ. 27 May 91, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila] REFLECTION Illumination, enlightenment, the state akin to bliss brought upon by descent unto one’s faculties of higher knowledge, wisdom,... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Tuesday, November 25, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, on the day to eliminate violence against women the Islamic State elects to execute two female politicians, the refugee crisis continues in Iraq, IAVA notes Chuck Hagel's impending departure, and much more. Let's start in the United States. Senator Patty Murray serves on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and is the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee. Her office issued the following today: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Murray Press Office Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 (202) 224-2834 Murray Joins Group of 40 Senators in Backing DOD Plan to Better Protect Military Families from Abusive Financial Practices WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) joined a group of 40 Senate colleagues in supporting the Department of... (more)

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